About Me

About Me: Who is Joost Slager?

IMAG0450For me introducing myself is rather hard. I would love to tell you something about myself and the things that keep me busy and that I love without boaring you with to much information. My name is Joost – how obvious that may be 😉 – I am born in Oldenzaal (Overijssel, The Netherlans) but I grew up in serveral places spread around the globe from Curaçao to Zeewolde. Having a dad who’s a soldier kan have his percs. I have always been interested in science and the interest in gadgets and new techniques was transfered to me by my dad. Thanks to my mother I am very curious an also direct wich helps me to discover new things.

Opleiding en Werk

I started on a “free” primary school and progressed to high school (Mavo and Havo in Dutch terms). With a pilot as father I was very interested in planes and at first wanted to be a pilot. Faith deside that I would excel more in the field of chemistry. After getting my Bachelor degree in General Chemsitry I became employed as an research and development laboratory worker for Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken B.V.. My field of expertise is Epoxy-coatings, UV-coatings, Protective Coatings and decorative paints (Schildersverven.nl).

If you would like to view a more detailed view of my skills, education and/or my workexpierience please take a look at mu LinkedIn Profile.

Hobbies and spare time

In my spare time I write blogs for intogadgets.nl about gadgets and/or gadgets related news. I play field hockey, Ingress but also like to build Lego and play (computer) games. Making time for every hobby is always a challenge.